14–23 мая 2024
24 мая — 4 июня 2024
12–24 сентября 2024

4 июня – 2 июля 2024

18-25 января 2025

Who we are

We are a family living in Minnesota, USA. Ministry has always been an important aspect at our home. In 2009, God sent our entire family on a mission trip to Israel. This life-changing experience lit a fire in our hearts to serve God and others using every possible way. In the past several years, God has been showing us that we are better together. By supporting each other with the various strengths that God has given us, we experience tremendous blessing in our lives that we hope to share with you.

What we do

Our calling is to produce various media for evangelizing and bringing glory to Jesus. This includes: music, podcasts, books, sermons. We would love to connect with you on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, and various other platforms.

Our vision is to inspire families to come together and serve God and others.
God gave His only Son Jesus so that we could become His children. Our desire is for everyone to accept this gift of freedom and become part of God’s family. This is the family that we want to be a part of.

Our Music